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On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring for HV Equipment

PD Test for Transformer, Reactor and Breaker
  • PD-MAT400D
  • PD-MAT400DTM

    Mountable Type

    Low cost, On-line continuous partial discharge monitoring system for Transformers

    Product Description

    PD-MAT400D is a permanently mounted on-line Partial Discharge (PD) diagnostic system. This test device focuses on detecting and analyzing the generation of PD in equipment such as transformers and reactor using acoustic emission detection. The ability to link up to 15 units using an RS-422 allows the user a greater degree of protection for critical substation equipment. Each unit uses four Acoustic Emission (AE) sensors. This unit provides advanced warning of potential failures. (NOTE: All PowerPD units include software, which allows accessibility of continuous monitoring from your control room computer, via, remote local LAN)


  • Provides pro-active decision making though continuously monitoring and detecting abnormal conditions in high voltage equipment
  • Reduced maintenance expenses by avoiding costly damage to equipment
  • Provides early warning of possible failure and lost of revenue from an unexpected outage
  • Risk management of previously undetected faults

Screen Shots


3D Date


System Configuration



  • 4 Channels (4 of Acoustic Emission Sensor; R15I (100 - 300KHz))
  • Daisy chain up 15 units
  • One month internal memory
  • Power : 110~240V 50/60Hz
  • Communication
    • RS-422/485(2 Wires)
    • Baud Rate: 19200 bps
    • Length: 1.2Km
    • Daisy Chain: 15 units
  • Daisy Chain: 15 units


  • Data Analysis
    • Programmable alarm option allows Threshold & Envelop Alarms
    • Automatic Noise level detection
  • Data Management
    • One month of data storage capability
    • Simple display and management of daily, monthly and yearly data
    • Ability to Trend and Forecast a known fault
    • 2D and 3D graphic display for ease of diagnosis
    • 2D and 3D graphic display for ease of diagnosis
  • System Operations : System Operations


  • Partial Discharge counts are displayed in Bursts (see graphic)
  • Programmable alarm option allows the user to set Threshold & Envelop Alarms


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