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Multi-Pdm in One Diagnostic DB
On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring for HV Equipment

PowerPD Inc.,PD markets, services and provides diagnostic test equipment which offers a Continuous On-Line Monitoring System that detects Partial Discharge by monitoring and recording all acoustic, electrical signals and electro magnetic waves. This high quality, low cost, test equipment is for use on transformers, GIS, CGIS, Cables, Motors, Generators and Metal Clad Switchgear. Our Systems capture True PD, eliminating False data and alarms. The early detection of equipment malfunction and imminent failure will prevent the catastrophic event and loss of revenue.

“A complete PdM program Will
         help prevent equipment failures.”

  • PowerPD's installed test equipment offers Continuous On-Line Monitoring of UHV/HV Substations
  • PowerPD,s Portable test equipment allows periodic monitoring during normal inspection process
  • A Trendable baseline of Electrical Component Condition is produced.
  • Provides an early warning for incipient faults
  • Provides an significant reduction of maintenance cost and risk associated with catastriphic failures
  • All assets monitored under One Data Base - One Stop Solution, also link multiple system

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