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Multi-Pdm in One Diagnostic DB
On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring for HV Equipment

PD Test for Transformer, Reactor and Breaker
  • PD-TP500A
  • PD-TP500ATM

    Portable Type

    On-line diagnostic system which periodically monitors partial discharge in Transformer, GIS, Rotating machine, MCSG and Cable terminations (joint)

    Product Description

    The PD-TP500A is a portable online diagnostic system which periodically monitors partial discharge in equipment such as Transformers, GIS, and Circuit Breakers etc. The PD-TP500A will detect, analyze, and find the signal source locations. With the benefit of being portable, the PD-TP500A is perfect for day to day testing or special tests on equipment which does not have a continuous on-line monitoring system.


  • Portable, use AC power source
  • Connects to your laptop via USB port
  • Used on fully loaded and energized electrical equipment, completely non-intrusive
  • Measures with AE (acoustic emission) via 4 sensors and electrical discharges via a clamp-on type CT
  • Detects, measures and locates signal sources from PD or Arcing


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