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Multi-Pdm in One Diagnostic DB
On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring for HV Equipment

PD Test for GIS and Cable Termination/Joint
  • PD-iGMA-M20A
  • PD-iGMA-M20ATM

    Mountable Type

    On-line diagnostic system which periodically monitors partial discharge in GIS (Gas insulated switchgear) and Cable Terminations

    Product Description

    The PD-iGMS-M20A is a mountable online diagnostic system which periodically monitors partial discharge in GIS (Gas insulated switchgear). PD-iGMS-M20A will detect and analyze UHF signals by UHF Sensor module with built in LNA (Low noise amplifier) and frequency modulator to distinguish between real PD (partial discharge) signals and external noise signals similar to that of partial discharge signals. Also the PD-iGMS-M20A provides software, which is designed to analyze, manage, and interpret measured data and can be set to report daily, weekly or monthly.


  • Connects to your system via SCADA
  • Installed on fully loaded and energized electrical equipment, completely non-intrusive, no need for an outage to install
  • Monitors and analyzes PD signal on-line, real time from GIS
  • Each model can be extended to monitor up to 20 channels

System Configuration



Analysis & Data Management Software

  • Analysis Function
    • Trend analysis
    • PD Pattern Analysis
    • PRPD/QM/NQN analysis (2D/3D Graph)
  • Data management
    • Event Log (Alarm, fault, etc.)
    • DB Backup & Restore
    • Alarm message (email, MMS, etc.)
  • Communication interface
    • TCP/IP network(10/100M)
    • RS-422 Multi-drop(230Kbps)
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista

Enhancement UHF Sensor Module

  • Built in effective signal processing technique for eliminate external noise signal similar to original partial discharge signal
  • Built in internal low noise amplifier(20dB)
  • Antenna type : Resonant antenna
  • Frequency range : 200MHz¡­1500MHz
  • Internal frequency modulator for external noise cancellation

Built in embedded controller

  • OS : Windows CE 5.0
  • User interface : Touch Screen
  • LCD Display : 800*480
  • Communication
    • LAN : TCP/IP network
    • Function (Mode)
    • Measurement mode
    • Data view mode
    • Wave data mode
  • Feature of PowerPDTM: PD-eUSM


  • Waveform of Signal Processing


  • Frequency Response of PD-eUSM


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